Used Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts

Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts provide a safe easy way to transport your Powerchair or Scooter. We do deliver with in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland for a fee. We can also ship anywhere else. We can do most do installs.


EZ Access Threshold Ramp - $150

Lightweight, rust proof aluminum
Non-skid traction surface
Modular design allows fitment to your application
Designed for foot traffic, manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and scooters
Width 34" Length 26.5", 5" Rise Weight Capacity 600 lbs.

6' Folding Wheelchair Ramp $400
6' x 30" When open. Designed to transition wheelchair or scooter from one surface to another. Comes with carry bag. Durable, lightweight construction.
Perforated slots keep water from collecting on ramp.
Weight capacity: 600 lbs.

Bruno Joey Wheelchair Or Scooter Lift $2500 Installed.

Lifts and stores your scooter or powerchair inside your minivan or full size van.
Fully Powered, effortless, one button operation. 
350 lb/160 kg lifting capacity. 
Lifecycle tested beyond industry standards. Platform is easy to roll on to 
Drive on/off either side. Includes securement straps.
No structural modifications needed Can be removed for vehicle resale 
Can reinstall on your next vehicle



Bruno ASL 250 Scooter Carrier $2200 Installed.
Fully Powered - Makes lifting and storing your scooter or powerchair outside your vehicle virtually effortless - one button operation
350 lbs/160 kg lifting capacity
Safe/Reliable - Independently tested for rough road conditions, 100,000 mile life, and environmental operating extremes. Drive on/off either side of platform - no reversing necessary
Platform automatically folds up when not in use
Automatically secures scooters and powerchairs when lift is raised
Retractable belts are also available for securement
Standard lighted license plate holder with 3rd brake light provides additional safety
No structural modifications to your vehicle - mounts to your vehicle's class II or class III hitch receiver (not included)
Can reinstall on your next vehicle
Works with minivans, SUVs, CUVs, pickup trucks, full-size vans and sedans

8 Foot Solid Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp - $600 SOLD!!!

36" Wide, Light Weight, Can be used as permant ramp. good for 2 or 3 stairs. 800 lb. weight capacity.


Trust-T-Lift Residential Vertical Platform Lift - $2500

It is designed for year-round use and can withstand the harshest weather with Baked on Powder Coat finish . It has a smooth, quiet worm-gear drive that is capable of lifting 550 pound. Trust-T-Lift is also safe, easy to use, and easy to install.
Non-load-bearing safety nut on lift shaft, Automatic folding entry ramp, Emergency manual operation,
8 feet/minute lift speed, Expanded metal platform with full under platform visibility and non-skid surface
U.L. and C.S.A. certified. Direct worm gear/acme screw drive, Constant pressure Soft Touch control pads, 550 pound (250-kg) lift capacity.


Bruno VSL-570 Scooter or Powerchair Lift - $600 SOLD!!!

Bruno's VSL-570 lifts and stores your scooter or powerchair inside your vehicle with the touch of a button. Simply connect the docking device, push a button, and let your Big Lifter do the heavy lifting for you! Once raised to the proper height, manually guide your Personal Mobility Device into the vehicle. Powered by the vehicle's battery.
Offset Post Design Allows Personal Mobility Device to be safely unloaded on the side of the vehicle.
No structural modifications to your vehicle - can be easily removed for vehicle resale. Works with minivans, SUVs, crossovers, pickup trucks and full-size vans. Lifting Weight Capacity: 400 lb/181kg


EZ-ACCESS Threshold Ramp $50 Sold!!!

34"W x 5"D x 1"H


Used Bruno Curb Sider Lifts for Scooters or Powerchairs $600 to $1200

Simply connect the docking device, push a button on the hand-held pendant and let your Curb-Sider do the heavy lifting for you! They also provides up to 180 degrees of rotation, which makes it easy to get a fully or partially assembled scooter or powerchair on the curb at the side of your vehicle or directly behind it. With the 600 Series this feature is powered. With the 570 it is manual. Lifting Weight Capacity is 400 lb/181kg
Curb-Siders are designed to fit most types of full size vans, minivans, sport utility vehicles, pickup truck and some station wagons. The installation does not require any structural modifications to your vehicle. In some applications a custom base may be needed to provide a neater and easier installation.
The lifts are electronically powered from the vehicle's battery. We do installations too.
Call and we will help you find the right lift to fit your equipment and your vehicle..


Bruno Lifts for Wheelchairs Small Scooters and Power Wheelchairs $600

Simply press a button on the controller and it raises/lowers your equipment, allowing you to manually swing it in or out of the vehicle. These Lifts are designed for smaller Equipment and spaces. No need to remove the�rear seat. Lifting Capacity is 200 lb/90kg. Works with Minivans, SUVs, Crossovers, Full-Size Vans, and Sedans. Give us a call and we will find the right Lift for your Equipment and your Vehicle.�


ADA Rubber Threshold Ramp - $100�SOLD!!!

The Rubber Threshold ramp is ideal for indoor/outdoor use because the ramp is fully portable. weight 40 lbs. Size is 84"W x 24"D x 2.5"H and suports up to 850 lbs. Constructed of 100% Recycled materials, that will not rust or corrode. Has a durable non-skid driving surface.


BraunAbility Chair Topper Wheelchair Carrier Lift - $1500�SOLD!!!

No longer will you need to store your wheelchair in the trunk of backseat of your vehicle. Now you can allow family and friends to enjoy the comfort of your vehicle right alongside of you. The Chair Topper's universal mounting systems ensure that these wheelchair carriers will fit most automobiles and light trucks. It adds only 21 1/2" in height, and the sleek plastic shell gives a finished, automotive look. A convenient hand-held control operates the folding, lifting and storing of your wheelchair.

Brand New 5 ft EZ-Access Suitcase Ramps - $350 SOLD!!!
The SUITCASE� Advantage Series ramp, with its single fold design, offers a simple solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access vehicles or overcome steps with ease. This ultra-strong portable wheelchair ramp provides the safety and strength required while remaining light and portable. The ramp can be used as one unit or separated, making it even more convenient to use, carry, and store. By simply removing two hinge pins, the SUITCASE Advantage Series ramp quickly separates into two lightweight sections, each with their own carrying handle. Ramp features a self-adjusting bottom transition plate for easy conversion from ramp to ground, and an applied, high-quality skid-resistant surface with yellow safety strips. Unfolds to a 29" wide platform. Manufactured of welded aircraft-grade aluminum. 800 pound weight capacity
5 Foot PVI Trifold Ramp - $300 SOLD!!!
Separates into Two Pieces for Easy Carrying
Folds, Carries Like a Suitcase
Closure Strap Locks Ramp Panels Together
Lightweight, Easy-to-Handle and Set Up
Durable Welded Construction
Safety Guide Indicates if Ramp is on a Safe Slope
Full Platform Provides Excellent Stability
Anti-Slip, High Traction Surface
Accommodates Wheelchairs and Scooters with Various Wheel Configurations
Safety DVD and Steel Security Pins Included
10�Ft. Trifold Wheelchair Ramp - $600 SOLD!!!
10�Foot by 29 Inches. Portable Wheelchair Ramp
Made of high-strength aluminum and features a durable non-skid driving surface
800 pound weight capacity. Built-in carrying handle.
Portable Ramps can be used for manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and scooters.