Used Patient Lifts and Transfer Aids

Patient Lifts allows Care Givers to transfer Patients from one place to an other with out help from the Patient.
There is Manual Hand Pumped Hydraulic Lifts and Battery Powered Lifts.
There are Mobile Floor Lifts or Overhead Lifts, Ceiling Mounted or Overhead Tracks on a Frame
Transfer Aids help Patients to transfer them selves or can aid the Care Givers to help the patient to transfer.


4-Post Freestanding X-Y Gantry System Patient Lift - $7000

Lift not included. This free-standing system is ideal for use with the Waverley Glen transportable Lift or Voyager Lift. You use Standard Wrenches and Allan Keys to assemble. Dimensions are 12' x 11' and is 8' High. Has 4 Upright Posts with Leveling Feet, 4 Support Rails, 1 Gantry Rail and Trolley Set. Weight Capacity: 400 lbs. You can place the Gantry Rail anywhere on the Support Rail.


Brand New Stand-Assist Lift/Sit To Stand - $3600

Provides stable assistance in standing, transferring and toileting,
Four sling attachment points enable the lift to accommodate a variety of stand-up sling designs,
Extra-wide, non-skid foot plate provides a stable base for foot positioning,
Soft, padded adjustable leg support includes a support strap to secure legs to the support,
Easy-roll 4" casters mean stability and easy maneuverability over a variety of surfaces,
4 5" under-bed clearance provides access under most long term care beds,
24V DC motor provides power and reliability,
Motor has an emergency stop button and manual lowering feature,
Fast charging, rechargeable battery is removable to eliminate lift downtime,
Battery has a charged and low-charge indicator Audible tone when charge is complete,
Battery charge meter indicates the battery power status while in use Audible tone when battery power is below 50 Percent, 
Includes removable, rechargeable battery item #13240BATT, charging station #13255, and wall-mount bracket item #13260,
Boom Height 26" - 81", Base Width 40" (Open) | 24.5" (Closed), Casters 3" (Front) 4" (Rear), Weight 113 lbs., Carton Shipping Weight 128 lbs., Weight Limit 400 lbs. Limited Lifetime on frame at welds. 1 year on electronics = battery, hand control, actuator.


Easy Track Freestanding Overhead Lift Frame - $1800

Excellent solution for rooms where permanent ceiling track or tension mounted systems will not work. Sets up in minutes. Weight capacity 440 lbs. Rail Height 72″ to 94.5″, Rail Length 75″ to 115.5″, Feet Length 42.5″.


Maxi Lite Patient Lift - $1800

The Fold-able passive lifter has a remarkably small footprint that does not compromise its high lifting and is equipped with both pillar-mounted and handset controls for ease of use during all activities including bed, wheelchair, and lifting from the floor. The adjustable chassis legs enable the lifter to pass through standard doorways and to fit around armchairs and wheelchairs during transfers. When not in use, the lifter folds up into a compact unit for easier portability and to reduce required storage space. Weight Capacity is 160kg/350lbs, Unit Weight is 40 kg/87 lbs, External width legs closed: 700 mm/27 1/2", Internal width legs open: 990 mm/39", Height of chassis 112 mm/4 3/8", Two 12 V, 5Ah Batteries for the 12V System, Wall-mounted charger, Emergency power shut-off, Mast-mounted second control panel secures the lift will function if the handset cable has been disconnected.

Reliant 450 Hydraulic Lift $800 

Base legs adjust easily and lock securely 
into open position with the padded shifter handle
Padded swivel bar with 360 degrees rotation and six-point hookup.
Overall Height: 25" - 71" Clearance: 4.5"
Base: Length 48" Width Open: 41", Closed 26.5",Caster: Front: 3", Rear: 5"
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs Product Weight: 93 lbs.


Stair Lifts - Click on the Picture to go to the Price Page

There are many brands of Stair lifts that are designed for lifting people safely up and down stairs. They are also known as stairlifts, stair-lifts, chair lifts, stair gliders, stair chairs. For some people it is the only way for them to stay in their own home.
We have quality used Stair Lifts such as Bruno and Acorn, sometimes others. Call to see if we have one to fit your needs and budget. We also do installs.


Waverley Glen Portable Ceiling Track Lift - $1100 &$1200

The advantages that stem from using a ceiling lift are undeniable and have dramatically reduced the amount of injuries resulting from the handling of patients/residents in both, institutional, and homecare settings.
Weight Capacity 145kg/319lb.


EasyMove Seated Support & Transfer Aid $500

The need to assist your loved one to move around the house or to the toilet is something you may be called upon to do regularly. The hazards associated with performing a manually assisted transfer can be avoided through the use of the BHM Medical EASYmove. The EASYmove is a seated support aid solution for a patient who has the ability to stand, but requires some assistance to move around the home. It offers the benefits of active participation in the transfer as well as providing a level of independence. Weight: 37 lbs., 17 kg Capacity: 265 lbs., 120 kg, Base Material: Aluminum, Base Finish: Powder Coat White


Easy Track - $1800

Requires no permanent fixings, no structural alterations and can be assembled in as little as 5 minutes by just one person.
Space between Posts 5' to 10', Lightweight components , Easy to transport and store
Maximum user weight 200kg/440lb. Lift sold separately.

Offset Trapeze Bar & Trapeze Floor Stand $300

Provides free standing support where installation to a headboard is not possible. The complete trapeze system helps patients to change positions while in bed, and aid in the transfer from bed to chairs with minimum assistance. Heavy-gauged octagon-steel construction; no tools required for easy assembly Nylon coating ensures a secure grip on handbar
Offset Trapeze Bar
Octagon steel tubing 1.25" in Diameter, Overall Height: 61", Reach: 34" Product Weight: 17 lb
Invacare Trapeze Floor Stand
Folds flat for convenient storage and handling, Weight capacity of 250 lb. Base: Length 40", Width: 32", Height: 38", Product Weight: 24 lb


Waverley Glen Hammock Slings $150 Each

Hammock slings provide full body and head support. Hammock slings come with leg and shoulder straps, and feature multiple color-coded loops to accommodate various seating positions.




Aquatec Fortuna Bathlift, Reclining $800 Non Reclining $700

Battery powered bathlift that fits neatly into the bath tub. They have a waterproof, floating hand controls. Light weight unit with self releasing suction cups, enhancing safe dismantling and removal of the lift from the bath. The reclining facility allows you to gently lower yourself into the bath and then recline to an angle of 35 degrees for a comfortable bathing position. Pressure sensitive buttons on the hand control so the lift can be stopped at any position. For cleaning, simply pop the covermats into the washing machine (up to 60 degrees) and allow to dry naturally.
Robust scissor mechanism with a user weight limit of 265 lbs.
Seat height 16.5" to 3.3", Total height including backrest 41.3", Seat width excluding side flaps 15", Seat width including side flaps 27.5", Sitting area length 18.1" Bottom plate 23.6" x 11.8"


Large Drive Medical Padded Patient Lift U Sling $100

Made up of durable polyester material with solid design. It comes with closed-cell foam padding for added comfort. It can be easily installed and removed and is adaptable to a wide range of shapes, sizes and needs.


Used Waverley Glen Universal Quilted Slings $150 Each

Easy to use and easy to fit. It is a multi-purpose sling that provides toileting access as well as good back and thigh support. Has leg, hip and shoulder straps and features loops to accommodate various seating positions. Has regular mesh and quilted material, This long wearing, quick drying slings contain no metal parts, making it convenient to launder and easy to return to service.


Quick Fit Patient Sling $150

The Quick Fit sling is an all purpose sling, designed for use with ArjoHuntleigh ceiling and floor lifts. The Quick Fit sling can be used for those with limited upper body function, but have good head control. Used for a variety of transfers, and the large opening accommodates toileting.


24" & 30" Wood Transfer Board with Hand Grip Holes - $40

For ease of transferring to and from a wheelchair.
Made of sturdy Baltic birch with a clear lacquer finish.
Ends tapered, corners rounded.
Weight Capacity 440 lbs.


Positioning Sling 56" x 78" $150

The Positioning Sling is intended to be permanently in place as part of the bedding. The sling has four pairs of straps and features loops to support the head in various positions. Re-positioning and turning, done manually under time pressure, poses a significant risk of injury to caregivers. The Positioning Sling is designed to address that risk. The sling is also used for transfers to other horizontal surfaces.


BHM Cricket Power Patient Lift $1200 SOLD!!!

On board charger. New Batteries
330 Lbs Weight Capacity
Dual function controls.
Foot pedal expandable base.


Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift with Low Base $1500 Sold Out!

Height range allows lifting from floor and high surfaces.
Electronic system includes 24-volt batterie and battery-charging station. Has an Emergency lowering device and anti-entrapment if boom meets any resistance while lowering.
Overall Height: 24' - 74" Clearance: 4.5" Base Length: 48"
Base Width: Open 41" Closed 26.5" Caster: Front 3" Rear 4"
Product Weight Capacity: 450 lbs. Product Weight: 106 lbs.
Battery: 24V Rechargeable sealed Charger: Output: 24V DC
Power: Audible low battery alarm, Lifts per charge: 150 - 300 (varies with lift range and load)


Voyager Portable Lifts - $1800 $1500

It is portable so you can use it anywhere there is a track. It is only 12lbs / (5.45kg) but has a 440lb /(200kg) lifting capacity. It is easy to carry and store. The 24-volt battery pack can be recharged in less than 2 hours. The tracks are sold separate.


SuperPole with Trapeze� $175

The SuperTrapeze handle simulates two rungs on a ladder. Allows for improved use of arm strength to "climb up" to a seated position.
Conventional trapeze floor stands can force the bed away from wall, reducing valuable floor space. SuperPole with SuperTrapeze installs beside the bed and requires less than 5" of floor space.
The trapeze support arm and nylon strap are height adjustable. For easy storage, simply hook the trapeze handle onto the SuperPole.
Installs in minutes next to the bed to provide assistance in standing or transferring. The pole has a non-slip grip for added safety. Made of durable steel with a white coating that feels and looks good.
No tools required for installation. Screw mechanism with padded bracket fits securely without marring surface.White powder coated finish is attractive and durable. 300-lb weight capacity.�


Medi Lifter III Patient Lift - $1300

400 Lbs. weight capacity. Has Foot pedal expandable base, Dual function controls and Battery Charger.


Invacare Get U Up Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift - $1000 SOLD!!!

Features include fast, simple sling attachment that protects against accidental disengagement; wide push handle; good access for clothing removal; and comfortable slings with extended back support that prevents pressure in the under arm area. Ergonomic features make it ideal for toilet transfers, as well as for dependent and rehabilitation purposes. Wide non-slip footplate provides stable base for transfer. Adjustable leg support features a soft pad with lateral contour that secures legs in three positions for comfort at any height. Pump handle can rotate from side to side for convenience of caregiver.
Height: 36" - 65" Clearance: 4.5", Base: Length 40.5", Width Open 37", Closed 23", Casters: Front: 3", Rear: 5", Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. Weight: 88 lbs.

Reliant 350 Power Stand-Up Lift $1800 SOLD!!!

Adjustable pivoting leg support features a soft pad with lateral contour that secures legs in three positions for comfort at any height - Wide non-slip footplate provides stable base for transfer
Ergonomic features make it ideal for toilet transfers, as well as for dependent and rehabilitation purposes Features include fast, simple sling attachment that protects against accidental disengagement; wide push handle; good access for clothing removal; and comfortable slings with extended back support that prevents pressure in the axilla area
Innovative adjustment features adapt to a wide variety of body sizes and shapes. That means comfort at any height, width and weight range up to 350 lb.- Multi-function slings allow for quick toileting, stand assist or full-support seated transfer. Adjustable leg strap option secures leg against knee pad for optimum positioning on footplate.
Under-bed clearance of 4.5 inches allows accessibility to most nursing home, hospital and home care bed styles. Removable battery eliminates downtime
24V DC battery, Audible low battery alarm, Lifts per charge: 150 - 300 (varies with lift range and load)


New Large BHM Hygienic Sling - $150 SOLD!!!

Allows care providers to partially remove clothes from the patient they are caring for without removing the sling. The sling is constructed using less material and is therefore easier to put on and remove. Ideal for transferring to the toilet. It has a buckle style harness. To use the Sling the patient must have good upper body and head control plus sitting ability.600 lb.weight capacity.


Ergostand Sit-To-Stand - $1500 SOLD!!!

For patients with some strength, transfers will be fast and easy with the Ergostand. The fastest and most efficient way to dress, clean and transfer patients who need additional support. It has a Soft start and stop movement, Dual Controls, on board Charger, 2 Locking Wheels, and Emergency shut off. 
The base will widen or narrow with Power when you need to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles during transfers. Up to 100 lifts per charge with a 200 lbs. patient. Visual low battery warning gauge. Powder Coated Steel. Weight Capacity: 400 Lbs. Product Weight: 90 lbs. They sell on line for $4750.00


Deluxe Power Hoyer Patient Lift - $1500 SOLD!!!

This Lift is in Like New Condition. It is designed to meet the needs of the caregiver as well as the patient, the HPL402 features ergonmic handle grips to reduce back strain and a mechanical down releace lever for non-powered lowering. The single-speed actuater is reverse-mounted to give the patient increased leg clearance, and the unit also featyres leg guards and caster bumpers to prevent damage to walls and furniture, 3" casters, 6 point cradle, Weight Capacity 400 Lbs. Price of new is $3495


Drive Bariatric Battery Powered Patient - $1500 SOLD!!!

Fast, easy charge from AC outlet.
To charge, simply plug in unit. Battery does not need to be removed to be charged. Lift will not operate while plugged in.
Heavy gauge construction.
Jumbo actuator pump with emergency button can switch to manual mode lowers patient down safely.
Audible warning when battery power falls below 50%.
The "CHARGE" light will automatically shut off when battery is fully charged.
Ideal for Homecare use.
Maximum Boom Height 76" Minimum 27.5" , Base Width Open 41" Closed 24"
Base Height 4.5" Clearance 2" , Casters 5" Rear
Product Weight 106 lbs. Weight Limit 450 lbs.


Invacare Medium Divided Leg Sling - $150

Designed for the majority of sling users.
Large opening also accommodates toileting.
full head and neck support.
Has extra padding for residents with delicate skin.
450 Weight Capacity. Has Purple Binding.


Graduate Power Floor Patient Lift - $1200 SOLD!!!

Lift to and from beds, chairs and the floor, Dual function controls, Foot pedal base
Capacity: 350 lbs (160 kg), Overall Weight 89.5 lbs , Height 53.1"


Invacare 9805 Chrome Hydraulic Patient Lift - $500 SOLD!!!

The features of the 9805 include a padded swivel bar and push handle, a 450 lb. weight capacity, durable chrome-plated construction or painted finish and 360 degree patient rotation without side-to-side sway. Lightweight construction and easy disassembly allow for quick transport and setup. Six-point swivel bar attachment easily adapts to all sling styles and positions
20" - 64" range allows for patient to be picked up from lying position on floor
Pump handle can rotate from side to side for convenience of attendant
Offset mast and boom style provide better lift path, maximizing full travel range
Elongated handle design serves a broad range of operator heights and offers improved handling ability
Height: 20" - 64", Base: Length 46.75", Width Open: 42.25", Closed 22", 5" Casters with clearance of 6.5", Total Weight of the Lift 68 lbs.


Drive Medical Med. or XXL Full Body Sling $200 SOLD!!!

Two Sizes: Medium, Large
Slings easily attach to lift
Slings are reinforced at all points for added safety
Soft edging is durable and reinforced
600 lbs. Weight Capacity


Invacare Patient Lift 9700  $600

This is a Manual Hydraulic Lift.
Weight Capacity 375 lbs.
We are including a Sling with this Lift, 10 to choose from, in sizes small to large.


Take-Along Lift and 2 Slings - $1100�SOLD!!!

The lift transfers patients in a very natural, comfortable and dignified manner, it is intended for transferring between sitting positions, allowing it to be used outside the home, as well as inside.
Weighing only about 46 pounds, its light weight makes it easy and convenient to take it with you.
The lifts' legs can be placed either straight ahead or spread apart for transfers, or folded in for storage. When folded, it fits easily in the trunk of a car without dis-assembly, and can be unfolded for use in seconds. Either the patient or attendant may raise and lower the lift by turning the conveniently accessible crank, allowing the patient to participate in the transfer process if desired.
Weight Capacity:300 lbs.
Lift Weight: Approx. 46 lbs.
-May also be separated into two parts weighing under 25 pounds each if necessary.
Lift Size
Folded: 25 in. Wide, 13 in. Long, 37 in. Tall
Legs Open: 25 in. Wide, 32 in. Long, 37 in. Tall
Legs Spread:39 in. Wide, 30 in. Long, 37 in. Tall
Cranking Force: Less than 6 lbs.
Lifting Range:
Seat Height: Minimum Approx. 13 in., Maximum Approx. 30 in.