Used Homecare Beds and Accessories

Home Care Beds provide comfort and safety for those who need more than a normal bed can provide.
They also provide ease of use for the caregivers.
We can deliver within the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, and ship anywhere else.

Please let us know if additional accessories are needed with your Home Care Bed purchase.


Brand New Fully Electric Hospital Bed - $1400

We save you money by ordering your bed in just for you.
Package includes
The Fully Electric Bed with Quiet, smooth operation.
The easy-to-use hand pendant electrically controls the positioning of the upper body, knees, and overall height of the bed frame to provide maximum comfort and versatility for the patient or caregiver.
It is Easy to set up. Length 88 Width 36, Capacity 450
Head and foot adjustment allow for an anatomically correct sleep surface.
Channel frame construction provides superior strength and reduced weight.
Reinforced frame resists twisting and bending.
Zinc coated spring deck. Height 16"to 24 1/2"
Heavy duty, bed ends are attractive in any dacor and easy to maintain.
Head and foot ends are interchangeable with Invacare and Sunrise.
Half length Bed Rails that are Constructed of 1" steel.
Rail can be adjusted to increase or decrease the gap between the rail and the mattress. They are ideal for protection when bed is elevated.
New Inner Spring Mattress Drive model 15006 $300
New Foam Mattress Drive model 15770 $400


Used Full Electric Hospital Beds $800

Head, Foot, and Bed Height are all adjustable with hand pendant.
450 lbs weight capacity. Does not include the mattress.
Does include Full Length or Half Side Rails.
Used Inner Spring Mattress $150
New Inner Spring Mattress $300 Drive model 15006
Used Foam Mattress $200
New Foam Mattress $400 Drive model 15770


Carroll Homecare Bed $1500

Two piece frame allows for simple set up and delivery into any home setting. 6-function hand control has bright, universal symbols to easily operate head, foot and height adjustments. Sleep Surface: 80"L X 36"W. Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. Mattress sold separately.
Used Inner Spring Mattress $150
New Inner Spring Mattress $300 Drive model 15006
Used Foam Mattress $200
New Foam Mattress $400 Drive model 15770


Bed Safety Rail� $70

Drive Medical Safety Rail RTL15073 helps the user get in and out of bed as well as prevent fall-outs. Appealing and safe option to bulky hospital bed rails. "No tools" assembly for quick setup and portability. Large foam handle makes gripping easy and comfortable. Safety strap discreetly straps rail to bed frame for added security. 250lbs weight capacity.19" (W) x 16.5" (H) x 30.5" (D)

Hospital Bed Fitted Sheets - $40

Drive Medical 15030HBL Fitted Sheets are perfect for use with most standard manual, semi-electric and full electric beds. The set includes 2 comfortable, machine washable cotton/polyester blend fitted sheets. Sheet dimensions are 36" x 80" x 5"- 6". The sheets are made of a comfortable, high quality cotton and polyester blend and are Machine Washable.


Used Offset Trapeze Bar & Trapeze Floor Stand $300

Can be used with any bed. Provides free standing support where installation to a headboard is not possible. The complete trapeze system helps patients to change positions while in bed, and aid in the transfer from bed to chairs with minimum assistance. Heavy-gauged octagon-steel construction; no tools required for easy assembly Nylon coating ensures a secure grip on handbar
Offset Trapeze Bar
Diameter: Octagon steel tubing: 1.25" ,Overall Height: 61" Product Weight: 17 lb., Reach: 34" Overall Height: 61", Folds flat for convenient storage and handling, Assisted weight capacity of 250 lb., Base Length: 40" Base Width: 32", Overall Height: 38" Product Weight: 24 lb.


New Hospital Overbed Table - $110

Drive Medical 13067 Overbed Table has a Walnut, Wood Grain low pressure Laminate Top.
Table top can be raised or lowered in infinite positions between 28"-45".
"H" base provides security and stability.
Table top locks securely when height adjustment handle is released. It can be raised with slightest upward pressure.
2" swivel casters allow for easy maneuverability.




Used 3 Section ROHO Overlay System $2000

The ROHO 3 mattress system is a constant low pressure device into which the patient sinks comfortably so that the weight is distributed over a greater surface area. The degree of patient immersion is controlled by the volume of air introduced into the air cells with a hand pump. The unique design of each individual air cell allows for maximum skin contact and pressure area relief. It is used for patients with spinal injuries, unstable fractures, or if the patient can not tolerate alternating air devices.

Used ROHO V4 Mattress Systems

The Vitacare V4 Mattress system with ROHO creates the optimal therapeutic environment for skin healing and protection.
1) $1200 Designed to accommodate one ROHO section to specifically target the sacral region.
2) $1800 Designed to accommodate a maximum of two ROHO sections to target the sacral and heel regions or sacral and shoulder region. Ideal for patients with multiple areas of concern.
3) $1800 Designed to accommodate a maximum of two consecutive ROHO sections to target a larger sacral region. Ideal for patients without heel pressure concerns.
4) $2400 The most versatile V4 Mattress system accommodates up to three consecutive ROHO sections. Provides optimal pressure management for a patient that is at high risk overall.


Used 2 ROHO Section Mattress Overlay System $1600

High quality mattress overlay Bed size is divided into four sections (2 Roho and 2 Foam) The mattress sections are easily fastened together by press studs. Cells are interconnected and their unique shape promote blood circulation to facilitate pressure prevention- healing and relief Air pressure is adjustable and can be customised to suit the user Durable neoprene construction is soft to suit skin sensitivity- and is easily cleaned Flexible cells adapt to patient contours and reduce shear forces while transferring or repositioning. Has 1 Memory Foam section and 1 conventional foam section, that can be utilised where risk of pressure is not as critical. All section have a waterproof cover.


Diamond 8 Plus Low Air Loss Mattress - $2000 SOLD!!!

Alternating "micro" low air loss mattress replacement system that combines the most advanced technology and clinically effective features for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. With multiple pressure reduction features, simplicity of functional control, quick-disconnect component design.
Micro Low Air loss Technology: Air escapes from 20 laser-cut openings in the center 10 cells of the mattress. Air is distributed equally under a vapor-permeable, quilted cover that acts to wick moisture away from the individual.
Deep Cell 3 to 1 Alternation Therapy: 18 (standard) independent 8 inch high cells inflate and deflate in a 3 to 1 cycle, creating maximum support for the individual using 2/3 of the air cells. Cells, in cross section, have an figure "8" design; the bottom half is always inflated and only the top half alternates. In the event of a power failure the bottom half of the cells remain inflated up to 72 hours. 2-hour battery back-up built into control unit.
Comfort Level: 5 soft/firm settings offer easy comfort adjustment and allow the caregiver to fine tune therapeutic support and optimize patient comfort.
Static Mode: Provides constant low air loss and acts as an alternative to the alternation mode.
Auto Firm: Inflates the mattress with a simple push of a button for installation and nursing care requirements.
Auto Alarm: Visual and audio alarms in the event of power failure.
CPR quick-Release Valve: Deflates the torso section in less than 20 seconds in the event of medical emergencies.


Breathable Mattress Pad - $80

The Mobb Health Care Uber Pad Protects bed from moisture while adding comfort, 3/4" Breathable 3D mesh allows for air circulation and temperature regulation, Improves comfort and skin health by keeping layers segregated and passive air moving, Allows for a cooler, dryer and more comfortable under-pad experience. 30" x 60". Tricot and Waterproof Polyurethane.



Folding Bed Wedges 

A bed wedge provides a gradual incline to your body when lying down, raising your head and shoulders to alleviate a number of symptoms - even acid reflux, GERD and heartburn. Many even see improvement with snoring. Wedges are available in three heights to select the one that best meets your needs. Each one folds neatly, a removable cover for easy cleaning. Improve your sleep with a Folding Bed Wedge from Drive.

RTL3825 23" (W) x 23" (L) x 7" (H) $50
RTL3826 23" (W) x 23" (L) x 10" (H) $55
RTL3827 23" (W) x 23" (L) x 12" (H) $60


Used Roho Sofflex Mattress Over-Lay System $880


Helps prevent and heal advanced stage ischemic ulcers. Friction and shear relief surface. Has 1 section 27"x36" Foam1 and 2 sections 27"x36" Roho Sofflex with 4"x4" x 3.25" air cells that adjust to shape and contour of the body All 3 sections snap together. It requires no external power source. Has drainage holes pull fluids away from the incontinent client. Durable polyurethane material is flame-retardant and can be easily cleaned with soap and water



Used Floor To Ceiling Pole With Trapeze $175

The combination of a trapeze and bedside pole provides COMPLETE support for sitting up, pivoting, and standing up from bed. Support arm is adjustable in height and angle. Strap is adjustable in length to achieve best height and location of trapeze. It does not require special mounting brackets and works with any bed! Will install beside waterbeds and electric beds unlike floor mounted trapeze systems. Installs by turning the jackscrew at the bottom of the pole. The screw "expands" the pole to create enough tension between the floor and ceiling to hold the pole "rock solid" secure. 300-lb weight capacity.


SenTech Sentry 1400 Alternating Pressure Mattress System - $2000 SOLD!!!

Provides alternating pressure relief while stimulating peripheral circulation. The 20 individual air cells alternately inflate and deflate, with the ability to change the alternation from 4-15 minutes depending on patient need. This system is designed to provide reduction in tissue interface pressure during this entire cycle. The therapeutic support surface is additionally supplemented by integrated air side bolsters that run the length of the mattress and a raised air bolster in the torso section.
20 individual air cells
5.25″ inflated cell height, 80″L x 36″W
Flexible straps to secure to any bed frame
Supports patients up to 500 lbs.
Water resistant, vapor permeable, anti-shear coverlet with plush quilting
Zippered, sealed design


BioTherapy 480 Alternating Pressure Mattress - $800

Provides excellent performance and is ideal for everyday needs when alternating pressure therapy is the ideal choice for a patient. A cost-conscious way to increase peripheral circulation while reducing tissue interface pressure. Dependable systems are easy to set up, easy to use, easy to care for. Waterproof, vapor permeable cover is easy to clean.
This Mattress has a support surface consisting of nineteen 8" air cells, sealed convoluted foam base for added safety. 10-minute cycle time. Comes with easy zip cover.
Air Flow Output: 8 LPM
Size: 36"W x 80"L x 8"D
Patient weight capacity: 325-lbs
Control Unit: Quiet pump with adjustable therapeutic setting dial for patient comfort.
CPR quick disconnect on control unit for rapid deflation.


Used Trapeze Bar for Beds - $150

Heavy guaged octagon-steel construction with no tools required for an easy assembly.
Nylon coating ensures a secure grip on handbar
Wall bumpers and padded mounting brackets protect bed ends and wall surfaces
For use on 7714P floor stand or on any Invacare home care bed end


Used Floor to Ceiling Poles $125 New $175

Maintain Confidence and Independence. Place support exactly where it's needed for valuable assistance beside a bed, bath, toilet or chair
Quick, Easy, Secure Installation - Simply turn the screw at the bottom of the pole and the pole will expand between the floor and ceiling, creating unparalleled sturdiness and reliability.

Roho SelectAir Max Mattress Replacement System - $2000 SOLD!!!

SelectAir controls moisture with wicking action - Air gently blows underneath a vapor-permeable cover, wicking moisture away and keeping the skin at a healthy moisture level. The wicking method has several benefits over direct air flow alternatives. It is much less likely to over dry the skin (a clear contra-indication to moist wound healing). It also reduces the risk of airborne pathogens, and provides additional comfort for patients who tend to feel cold or simply find it unpleasant to have air blowing directly on them. Good for patients with any stage ischemic (pressure) ulcer, myocutaneous skin flaps, skin grafts and/or patients with temperature, moisture control, or pain management issues. User-Friendly Control Unit with rapid inflation, easy set-up, and a motor so quiet, the patient will hardly know it's there! Has System Lock that helps prevents accidental adjustments, and automatically resets the system in case of power failure.
Auto Comfort takes the guesswork out of programming. During set-up, mattress sets optimal pressure according to patient's weight distribution.
Pulsation (alternating pressure) Provides three cycle settings that continually readjust the system to ensure patient comfort.
Individual baffles divided into 3 sections; head, seat and foot. Integrated side air bolsters with foot pillow.Waterproof, vapor permeable, flame resistant and biocompatible zippered mattress cover.
Fits most standard bed frames. 400-lb weight capacity.


New Apex OASIS 1000/2000 Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay System - $180 SOLD!!!

The OASIS pump is designed for easy set-up and quiet operations. The bubble pad structure provides effective treatment by allowing more variation and distribution of pressure areas beneath the patient, compared to row-by-row pads.
Features / Benefits
Therapy for Stage I pressure ulcers.
Maximum weight capacity of 100 Kg.
Patented air chamber with ultra quiet operation.
Adjustable comfort range with easy operating control knob.
Adjustable hangers to suit any kind of hospital bed frames.
Medical grade PVC is treated with fire retardant


Used Action Akton Pressure Relieving Pad - $175 SOLD!!!

27 1/2"Wide x 45"Long x 7/8"Thick. Used by hospitals and long term care facilities as a significant component in prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers. Akton is like a fluid, giving uniform support, yet is actually a soft solid, which will not bottom out. When pressure is applied at an angle to the skin surface, the various layers of the skin move over each other causing tissue distortion. This is called shear and different areas of the skin have different tolerances to shear forces. Deformation due to shear occurs where there is friction between the skin and the surface with which it is in contact, e.g. clothes. The frictional force will hold the upper layers of the skin stationary while the deeper layers move across one another. The Akton pads acts like a second skin and provides a reduction in shear across the support area. Akton quickly adjusts to the shape of the body, however it will return to and permanently hold its original shape when not under load.
Cleaning Do not use alcohol, it may harden the surface
Can be cleaned with water, disinfectant and liquid bleach
Use Place pad on bed with labelled side upwards
 Cover the pads with a bedsheet
Caution Avoid folding the pad
Avoid pulling the pad especially when a person is lying on it
* Regarding use of an electric blanket / heating pad under the gel pad. Action Products advised that the heating pad be placed under the pad and pre-warm it. You must be extremely careful that the pad does not get too hot or develop hot spots as this will carry through the Akton pad and the patient could get burned. They should not take it above 103F as this could cause burns to the patient. If the patient has no feeling then someone must check the patient at all times to prevent burns caused by the heating pad. The Action pad merely will transfer the heat as the heating pad produces it.


Used Transfer Pole with Swing Grip $150 SOLD!!!

The transfer pole swing grip includes an extra loop handle that pivots around the pole and locks into place.


Used The OrthoDerm LAL Consigned $1000 SOLD!!!


Provides state of the art, low air loss technology and easily shifts from standard to bariatric mode to support patients up to 1,000 lbs. The Control Unit"s Key Features: Two-stage blower delivers dependable true low air loss. Microprocessor-driven control unit features easy-touch buttons for quick settings and adjustments. Max inflate button for patient care and transfer. Lock out button on control unit for increased safety. CPR quick disconnect on control unit for rapid deflation. Touch panel display. Detachable 15' power cord. The Mattress has Twenty therapy cells reduce and relieve pressure, while delivering true low air loss to lessen moisture and skin maceration
Eight-inch air cells with a two-inch sealed, convoluted foam base for added safety
Upgraded 210-denier air cells on wider mattresses provide added strength, durability and tear resistance. Inflates in seconds, Quilted, nylon therapy pad is waterproof and vapor permeable for patient protection and comfort. It is 36" wide x 80" long. Maximum weight capacity: Standard 300 lbs. and Bariatric 1000 lbs


KCI Proficare Alternating Pressure Mattress System - $3000 SOLD!!!

For the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown and pressure ulcers.
17 Individual Air Cells, can be easily removed or replaced for optimized pressure relief.
Alternating Therapy, enhances capillary blood flow and reduces interface pressures.
SoftKey Comfort Adjustment, allows caregiver to optimize automated pressure control sensitivity for improved patient comfort.
Automated Controls, continuously monitor and adjust air pressure during patient movement.
Integrated Alarms, ensure accurate therapy delivery.
Breathable Cover, Liquid-Proof, high moisture vapor transmission enhances skin micro-climate.
Quiet Operation, aids patient comfort.
CPR Quick Release, allows caregiver to perform CPR in as little as 10 seconds.
3-Way Connector, Reduces possibility of accidental disconnection.


Used KCI Therakair Visio Air Pulsation Mattress Replacement - $7500 SOLD!!!

The Original cost was over $18,000
TheraKair Visio Mattress Replacement System delivers advanced pressure, shear stress and friction relief, manages the skin's microclimate and improves blood and lymph flow.
Low air loss therapy distributes pressure and helps to regulate the skin microclimate. Achieving the optimal range of skin temperature and humidity is a vital factor in the prevention and control of pressure ulcers
GORE Medical Fabric helps maintain skin integrity by keeping it cool and dry and also serves as an effective barrier to fluid and bacteria
Pulsation therapy mimics the body's natural movements to improve blood and lymph flow, thereby increasing oxygenation and reducing oedema.
Quiet operation maximises patient comfort
Intuitive touch screen interface provides details of system status and allows for easy and precise therapy adjustment
Patient warmer increases patient comfort during therapy
InstaFlate maximises mattress firmness for easy patient placement and care
Mattress deflation release for CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) evacuates air from the mattress in a maximum of ten seconds in one quick action
Alarms help to identify problems during operation
Cover: GORE Medical Fabric, Mattress size 35"W x 82"L X 8"D
Mattress Weight: 29Lbs. Therapy unit Weight 13.9Lbs.
Electrical Voltage: 90-240V AC, Frequency: 50-60Hz, Ampere Rating: 3 Amps


Used�Sapphire Static Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Overlay System - $2000 SOLD!!!

Provides a gentle 2 to 1 alternating action to maximize patient rehabilitation, comfort and tranquility.
An exceptionally quiet control unit is user friendly and attaches to the footboard of most hospital beds. It distributes 8 liters of air per minute and the alternating cycle time is 10 minutes.
A durable mattress containment system holds 22 individual air cells. The mattress is covered with a quilted nylon comforter specifically designed to prevent friction and shear. It is waterproof and vapor permeable that provides low friction/shear
Rapid inflate/deflate is available with the optional Quick Inflator at the touch of a button.
There is adjustable pressure settings.